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YX-420A/B/D Hydraulic Crawler Drill hole
    The drilling jumbo is a new improving type based on the original model ZGYX—2600、3500. according to the power it includes dual cylinder diesel engine2115 four cylinders diesel engine YD4D80, electric30w. except that ,it has two Specifications: Φ60 and Φ70.
    The characters of  drilling jumbo YX—410、420、430 is as follow: uses  the moving sub-head,and hydraulic power is provided by the two-pump. The hydraulic system keep stability and reduce the use of cost. uses chains to keep pushing,increaing the lifting force and lower the trouble
3.Increasing Strength of Bent Beams and Both steel guideways, wear-resisting material clips reduce the trouble.
4.electric drilling jumbo adds the Retractable cable device ,decrease the injure of the bad condition.
5.add compressed air system.of diesel engine.and decrease the trouble of diesel engine.
technical parameter:
YX-420A/B /D Technical Specifications

Working Wind Pressure(Mpa)

 0.7 - 2.0

Air Consumption(m3/min)

 8 - 20

Bore Dia.(mm)

 90 - 145

DTH-Hammer (mm)

 930 Medium Pressure、340A

Bore Depth.(m)


Length of Drilling Pole (mm)


Drilling Pole Diameter(mm)

 StyleA:60              StyleB:76

Climbing Ability(°)


Traveling Speed (km/h)

 2 - 3.2

Rotating Speed (rpm)

 0 - 80

Swing Torque (N.m)


Total Weight(kg)


Dimensions (mm)


Matched Power

Yuchai  YC4D80 、Yuchai 4D952-K207

30kW- 4 Motor


Matched compressor recommended:

Diesel engine portable screw air compressor 110SCY-14.5 or 132SCY-14.5 or 179SCY-14.5

Electric engine portable screw air compressor 75SDY-14.5 o 90SDY-14.5 or 132/185SDY-14.5

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